The ultimate steering link

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Do you like bent tie rods?... No?... Turns out neither do we.


Welcome to the strongest tie rods that have ever graced this beautiful planet. We are pretty sure they are stronger than the hulk and rumor has it the grand canyon was created by Chuck Norris accidentally dropping one.


Now that i have your attention and your convinced that you need the strength of Thor’s hammer keeping your tires pointed in the correct direction let's go over some important details.


Starting at the clevis and moving outward.


  1. The cnc machined heat treated 17-4 stainless clevis is held on the factory steering link by a heat treated 4130 countersunk hex head bolt.

  2. The inner rod end is a US made FK JMX14T. (⅞) It is held in place by 2 4130 spacers and a ½-20 12pt aircraft bolt.

  3. The center link is made from 100% chromoly and multipass tig welded by hand, as all good things should be. The threads in both sides are formed via thread milling instead of tapping. Thread Milling provides a sharp, crisp thread profile which leads to better thread engagement and ultimately a stronger joint.

  4. The outer rod end is so big it hardly fits in your hand. We went with a US made FK JMX16-1-T for the outer rod end. (1 inch baby!) This is not  your average nylon inserted import rod end. Those have no place in steering components!

  5. To adapt that massive outer rod end to the factory knuckle we had to develop a custom set of misalignment spacers. This let's you run our setup with no drilling of the knuckle required. Instead of the tapered pin that some of our competitors use we went with a 3 piece design. Upper half, tapered lower half, and a 1/2-20 aircraft bolt running through the center. Not only is this stronger if the threads on the bolt were to become damaged you can replace just the bolt instead of buying a new machined part.

If you have made it this far hopefully we have made it crystal clear that we don't cut any corners with our products and we take a great amount of pride in our work. We hope that you will take our products and beat on them for many generations to come. That,s the DURAMAX SUSPENSION DIFFERENCE!