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Look, im not going to sit here and pump your ears full of bullcrap to make the sale. If you want the best riding shocks available for your heavy ass duramax than you need to have a set of kings on it. I have worked extensively with king to dial in the valving for these thing to ride second to nothing on the market.  Our trucks are heavy, really heavy so you need the best shocks that money can buy. PERIOD. 

The compression adjuster or  'clicker" as i like to call it allows you to take your setup to a whole new level. Cruise nice and smooth on the highway on the way to your favorite camp spot. then then the second you hit the dirt you can jump out and crank up the compression clicker to help dampen the staggering 3200 lbs your rear end weighs. 

The second massive advantage is in regards to towing. The clickers allow your to firm up the rear while towing allowing you to keep better control of your load. this is especially important if you load the bed full of cargo or tow a trailer with a lot of tongue weight. The clickers allow you to firm it up while towing and then loosen it back up when you unload resulting in the right ride for every weight.  


If you want these in a custom color or config please send me a msg i'll get you taken care of!


King Off-Road Racing Shocks builds the finest quality shocks available in the off-road industry today. Made from the same high-quality materials and precise tolerances found in their high end race shocks, King Off-Road Racing OEM kits allow you to enjoy the world-renowned ride quality and precise handling synonymous with the King Shock name. Every kit has been subjected to brutal real world testing to produce the optimal dampening curves and spring rates for your Truck, Jeep or SUV. The sizeable 2.5” diameter shock bodies and external reservoirs dramatically improve fluid capacity and heat dissipation, which provides sustained dampening performance in almost any conditions. King Off-Road Racing Shocks OEM Performance kits come complete with total bolt on installation for your trail rig,daily driver or mall crawler. Nothing rides like a King.