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On a scale of 1-10 how much do you hate balljoints? If your like us its a solid 11.

Chances are you have heard of, Or worse yet experienced the front end shortcomings that GM left you to fix on the 99-10 GM2500 chassis.


Enter the strongest Duramax upper control arm that ever lived. You may think to yourself, “But what makes this so different, so much stronger?” well we took what we did not like about every other aftermarket UCA on the market, threw it in the trashcan and made one super upper control arm.


The first massive differences that sets our arms apart is the MASSIVE 2.5 INCH .250wall outer bushing sleeve. Others use 2 .120wall inch or even 1.75 inch outer bushings sleeves. This is exponentially more expensive to manufacture but we have no interest in building second class arms.  


The second massive difference is the fact that our massive inner bushings are not made of squeaky polyurethane. We make ours out of DELRIN, and only delrin. The same material that off road and on road race car chassis bushings are made from. This is a big heavy truck you are trying to control why on earth why you use a shot squishy material like polyurethane? Yeah, we don't know either. Again this is about 5x more expensive than using some off the shelf polyurethane bushing but we have no interest in making second class products.  


Third , and possibly our favorite is the inner “crush” sleeve. The fact that this is called a crush sleeve is proof that the market is so misinformed. Our inner sleeve has a wall thickness of .250 making it easily over double the thickness as any other one on the market. The reason this is so important is with thin sleeves they “crush” over time and the bolt loses torque. There is 2 reasons this is bad. One , if the bolt becomes loose you will lose your alignment because it will allow the alignment cams to turn. Second , if the bolt becomes loose the arm will pivot on the bolt instead of the bushing. Wearing out the bolt prematurely and ovaling out bolt holes.  


Fourth, is our use of a massive 1.250 uni-ball compared to the 1 inch that is common in the market. I feel like the benefits of the larger uni-ball are obvious here. To adapt that massive uni-ball to the factory knuckle we had to develop a custom set of misalignment spacers.  This let's you run our setup with no drilling of the knuckle required. Instead of the tapered pin that some of our competitors use we went with a 2 misalignment spacer piece design cut from 17-4. It consists of an upper half, tapered lower half, and a 9/16 fine thread aircraft bolt running through the center. Not only is this stronger if the threads on the bolt were to become damaged you can replace just the bolt instead of buying a new machined part.


Finally we have the fully boxed construction. Its made out of .188 thick steel laser cut, CNC bent and welded in a jig for a perfect fit. The design is the result of countless hours in SolidWorks designing and testing the design for an even stress path throughout the arm. This resulted in an arm that not only looks great but performs like a champion as well.





  1. 2 bare Mig welded arms 
  2. 2 FK COMH20T PTFE Coated Uniball Spherical Bearings & 2 snap rings 
  3. 8 Delrin bushing halves
  4. 2 Inner bushing sleeves  
  5. 2 sets of uniball spacers 
  6. 2 9/16 12pt bolts, washers, thick washers & stover nuts