00-10 Traction Bars.

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When we set out to build traction bars we only had to meet 2 criteria. 

1. Design a better system. 

2. Use only a quality system.

let's break that down and explain what it means.

How do you design a better system? Most of the market today is monkey see monkey do, this leads to boring products and zero product development. Now, traction bars aren't exactly nasa level stuff, but here is what we did to design a better mousetrap.

1. Why do they have to hang down so far? Why would you want to decrease your ground clearance? Our frame side brackets are designed to be mounted on the side of the frame and retain as much ground clearance as necessary

2. The bracketry is designed to be as light and as strong as possible. The key element here is balance, not every part is stressed the same. less stressed parts should be made lighter and parts under more stress should be made stronger.

3. Less is more. Most of the other kits on the market bolt over the factory U-bolt plate on the axle. This is added mass. We designed a bracket that completely replaces the factory u-bolt clamp with a once piece assembly.    


How do you build a quality system?

1. Start by not using black poop pipe. Pipe is made for plumbing and flowing contents on the inside, not building things.  Thats why its measured by the I.D. We only use tube to build our bars and we will offer hrew and seamless DOM.  There is no reason to make the tubes crazy large, it serves no benefit.

2. Tractor parts are for tractors. We are not sure who started this trend but you can assure our rod ends are born and bread for motorsports applications. Not recycled from other industries in order to cut cost. 

3. The bars themselves are always tig welded no shortcuts here.


Now that you understand how we make your different lets take you over the options.

Stage 1 & Stage 2. 

Stage 1 Uses smaller components and is intended for your average consumer.

Stage 2 Uses larger components and is intended for people that are going to go out and try to break things. (you know who you are) Because we can Stage 2 carries a lifetime warranty.  

Builders kit comes completely disassembled and not welded.